I want to know why it is so hard to talk about money?
It starts from childhood I think.
When I think back to growing up what I remember most is my parents telling us kids that money doesn’t grow on trees. 
We learned very early that it wasn’t worth asking for the latest gear or fancy expensive toy because our parents just didn’t have that kind of money.
The bills had to get paid.
Food put on the table.
Petrol in the car.
There wasn’t any money left over for luxuries.
Growing up what I felt was scarcity.
The feeling of not having.
We did not have enough money for …
So although we did not talk about money in our family we knew that money was something we did not have enough of.
We also learned that people who had a lots of money were greedy, not good and had stepped on people like us to get it.
Them having money meant us not having money.
I think that as a consequence of this I’ve had a love-hate relationship with money.
For most of my life money has equaled unhappiness for me.
At the age of 55 I decided to change my relationship with money.
I decided I wanted to have financial security.
That meant I had to start learning about money.
I had to start talking about money.
Now I didn’t really have anyone to talk to about money so the first person I talked to was myself.
I started to keep a journal where I talked about what I was doing with my money.
I also recorded a daily audio journal so I was actually talking out loud to myself about money.
I think I am more comfortable about talking about money.
I would love to sit in a room with other people and talk and talk about money.
I have only one friend that I can talk openly about money.
Wow! I’m going to write that again. 
I have only one friend that I can talk openly about money.
Over the last 3 years I’ve been building my knowledge about money.
Earning, spending, saving and investing.
For the first time in over 20 years I am debt free.
I can honestly say I am financially secure.
I live within my means.
I have an emergency fund.
I am saving money.
I am not yet in a position to invest because it is my plan to buy a house.
I will be in debt again but I class that a good debt.
I guess buying a house is a form of long term investment. 
I am unlikely to benefit but my children may.
I want to talk about money.
I want to talk to other women about money.
Especially women over 50 who have gone through a life event and are worried about their financial situation.
That was me 3 years ago.
The end of a long term relationship.
Hardly any savings.
Diagnosed with a chronic illness.
Out of all these things it was money that I was most worried about.
It was talking about money that set me free.
Building an emergency fund was my first step.
So I’ve become passionate about talking to people about the importance of building an emergency fund to bring financial security and peace of mind.

So how can I help you?

I can help you build your own emergency fund of £10,000 using my 4E Emergency Fund Engine.

I can help you build and maintain a 10K emergency fund.

I share what I learn with people who want to become financially stable and have the peace of mind that they have enough money to cover emergencies and future goals.

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