Bears book front cover

Meet Monty and Mindy the bear cubs 

Meet Minninnewah and Archisha the bear cub twins
The first snowflakes were falling from the sky. Winter had finally arrived.
As Minninnewah and Archisha, black bear twins, snuggled close to each
other in the cave, they peered out with wonder at the falling snow.
“Mamma,” Archisha whispered, “Is it going to stay like this forever?”


“… has done a great job in this book for children about bears. Kids will love the vivid photographs as well as all the information. (The photo of a cub hitching a ride on his mother’s back is a gem!) This book intertwines the facts with a sweet story of a bear family. Kids of all ages will enjoy this book and learn a lot at the same time!”

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Meet Sarita the elephant calf

It was time for bed, but Sarita just couldn’t go to sleep. She was much too excited. Her whole family was here and she was having such a good time with her grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and cousins. She did not want to stop playing. Mother said it was time for bed, though, because little elephants need their rest.


“This story is very cute and perfect for young readers. It is told from the point of view of an inquisitive baby elephant. I think that a child will enjoy the writing style of this book as it draws you into the world of an elephant while explaining how they live, eat and communicate.” ~ Montana Diva

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Elephants book front cover
Horses book cover

Meet Bella the foal

I am lighter coloured than my mother, but she seems to think I am very beautiful too! Some of the other horses here have spots on them but most of them are only one colour. I asked my mom why and she said it is due to genetics as well as the type of horse. She said that all horses have many similarities though.


“Delightful story and full of fun and fascinating info about horses. Horses (and elephants) are my favourite animals and i enjoyed hearing about the life of a horse through the eyes of the foal. I didn’t realise there was soo much to know and learn about horses. Great book if you are doing a school project or interest in horses.” ~ Ntathu Allen

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Meet Kyro the wolf pup

One day, Kylo seemed very sad to his mother. She worried as she wanted all of her cubs to be happy, healthy, and to grow up to be strong. She decided to spend some time alone with Kylo to see what was on his mind.


“This book on wolves is a little different from the rest. It is based on a story of a little wolf who has many questions for his mother. I thought this book had the cutest pictures of wolf cubs.” 
~The Rebecca Review

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Wolves book front cover
Foxes book front cover

Meet Ley the Fox Pup

I am a Red Fox and my mum calls me Ley! She says we are the most common species of fox in the world. Yet she also says that I am unique to her, as are my siblings. I sure do love my mum and how well she takes care of us. She says it is her job to teach us about our surroundings so that we can grow up big and strong. The males are called dogs and the females vixens. The are are either pups or kits.

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Meet Ayo the giraffe calf

It had been a long day and Ayo was tired. He yawned as he stretched out on his little patch of grass. “Mother, please tell me the story.” He said, looking up at her.

Nombeko, Ayo’s mother, looked down at her sleepy son, her long eyelashes fluttering. She bent her long, graceful neck so that her head was near Ayo. “Are you sure?” She whispered, teasing, “You seem quite sleepy.”


“This is an amazing and informative book that children cherish. May grandchildren love it and I love reading it with them. Hope this is the first of a series.” ~ Amazon Customer

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Giraffes book front cover
book cover

Record Keeping Made Easy

“Really helpful and something people can dip into. I am so looking forward to being able to share it.” Heather H. Senior Probation Officer

“I loved the clear language and enabling approach you have taken with it.” Allison T – Practice Tutor Assessor

“I found the template of an ideal record very useful – I have copied and pasted this into a document and will be referring to it!” Ria T – Trainee Probation Officer

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